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Lives for three things: Food, Technology, Games. Can be found infront of Computer or Smartphone's Screen....

MP’s two cities in top 10 Cleanest cities, Indore being 1st, Bhopal 2nd! Congrats

Indore bhopal clean swachh sarveksharn
Indore being 1st while Bhopal 2nd place in swachh sarvekshan 2017's list of top city, Congrats everyone as without your efforts it wasn't possible. Swachh bharat buzz is still burning and here are results for cleanest cities in India are out by Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday. Which had the Swachh Bharat rankings of 434 cities based on...

The World may not appreciate, but will surely criticize!!

The basic rule of this world which must be known by you is that, The world may or may not appreciate you for your good works but is waiting to criticize you for your mistakes. Here is a story to explain Once a teacher wrote on a school board the table of 9 - 9 x 1 = 9 9 x 2 =...

90’s Cartoon Quiz | Take it to relive your childhood!

Hello everyone every if you are a teenager (born in 90's) had lived a awesome childhood, you must be missing your childhood cartoons, no problem, here is something special only for you guys. Take this quiz and try to get as much as points and don't forget to brag(share) them to your friends...Hope you enjoyed the quiz make sure...

Loving is an easy part, Leaving isn’t! Lessons Learned!

Enlightenbrains Cute Love
Are you happy?Are you a single?or Are you in a couple literally a relationship?or Are one of the "Its complicated" sort of?This post is for you if the answer of any above question is yes then this post is only for you, so read on..Hello, whats up people, hope you guys are doing great in your life and dealing with...

How to find your Calling, Passion and Purpose?

Purpose Passion Calling
This is quite a fascinating post, are you figuring out what you will become when grown up? Yes its a million dollar question, na wait, its a billion dollar question(you can be a billionaire also.) In this post we will analyze you way of thinking and then try to find your calling or passion or your purpose in life and...

When to start so you end up well, Warren Buffet lesson!

Warren Buffet is an investment guru and one of the richest and most respected businessmen in the world. He was born on August 30, 1930, in Omaha, Nebraska. Also know as as the "Oracle of Omaha" Today's article will go When to start in order to end up well. So lets start with an incidence which comply with this article. Warren Buffet Regret of Starting at...

Success, Whats that? How can someone get it? 5 Minutes to get..

Enlightenbrains Define Yourself
Success is defined as .................... Na! Hello everyone this is not a usual chit chat type post where you get knowledge, Read ahead at you own risk, only reason to read will be, Aisa kya hai? Carry on! maybe your perception about success get distorted...Lets take a simple definition completion is called success! that's simple huh? Most of us goes through life...

5 YouTube Channels, that will boost your day with motivation!

Howdy guys! you may be thinking why daily motivation? Answer is too simple, do you bath daily? Hell yeah! will be the answer. Why? Bathing doesn't last longer than a day, so true for motivation as well. You need motivation daily, where do you get it daily is the question, so here we got 5 YouTube Channels, that will boost...

5 values to become a Decision Maker, If you have 5 minutes to read!

decision-making-HD Enlightenbrains
So, Why are you reading this? To get some powerful message...Read on, there is more than you had been thought!! Howdy Guys, Its Roshan, today I will refuel you, and you will surely get 5 values to become Decision Maker, If you have 5 minutes to read! make an Impact. Many time being Indecision for long, not making a decision for...

1500 crores Opening, Hugh Jackman’s LOGAN hits $287 million!!

Have you seen it, Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final film as Wolverine, exceeded even the most optimistic box office predictions when it brought in an estimated $237 million (over Rs 1500 crore) in the opening weekend.The film rages out with its over the prediction opening of $85.3 million domestically(US) and crossed $237.8 million as worldwide earning in its debut weekend. It becomes...
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